Love is Patient

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1 Corinthians 13:4 - Love is Patient

In Greek, the word for “patience” literally means “far from anger.” Some people are known for having a short fuse, but patience is the opposite—having a long fuse. Anger is clearly visible when someone explodes with rage, but anger is also expressed when we are grumpy, fussy, irritable, moody, or cranky. Those are all evidence of our lack of patience, and they do not show love to others. Impatience dishonors God and demonstrates a resentment toward Him when things don’t go the way we’d like. The true source of anger is not people or circumstances; it is our sinful heart. Patience is one of the ways we demonstrate trust in God and love for others.

Take a moment to pray, confession your lack of patience to God.

Ideas for Discussion:

  1. Share one occasion in the past two weeks that led to you becoming impatient? What happened? What were you thinking/wanting that led to you becoming upset?
  2. We typically don’t plan to get upset and fail to love others, but in a time of difficulty we are often more concerned with what we want than with loving God and others. What truths about God and/or the situation might help you respond with love rather than impatience?

Take time to pray thanking God for the patience He shows us and asking for His help to love other by being patient.