Family Life Groups

Family Life Groups

The Christian life is not meant to be lived in isolation. God said that it is “not good” for man to be alone (Gen 2:18). Though sin makes things messy, we sharpen each other (Prov 27:17) by demonstrating the love and forgiveness God has given us. Our desire is to cultivate relationships and opportunities that make evident our corporate growth, repentance, edification, sanctification, and transformation.

What is a FLG?

Family Life Groups help us become more like Christ as we learn from each other and apply the truths of Scripture. These groups generally meet weekly and include members of all ages. Our desire is to see relationships develop that demonstrate the gospel within our community. Most groups have between 8 and 20 people including adults, teens, and children.

What happens during a FLG?

Each FLG is unique in its people and atmosphere. Some groups have a number of children while others have only adults. Some may choose to share a meal, and some may be bilingual. The basic structure includes prayer, reviewing a Bible passage, and discussing its application to your family, your church, and your life. Childcare is handled differently by each group.

How can I join a FLG?

There are 3 ways to let us know that you'd like to join a FLG.
1) Fill out an information card during Sunday service. Mark "I'd like to join a FLG."
2) Contact the church office. We'll provide you with information for available groups.
3) Talk to someone on Sunday morning let them you'd like to join a group.

Where do FLGs meet?

FLGs meet in various homes throughout the week. There are several groups available in Pico Rivera and Whittier. As more leaders and members join, groups will continue to be added in our surrounding communities.

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