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Engage Youth Ministry serves parents and students from 7th - 12th grade. Our mission is to assist parents in the discipling of their children so that students hear the gospel preached, learn what the Bible says, and practice what we believe.

The Engage Bible Study normally meets on Sunday nights. Our goal is to have students engage with the biblical text and in turn engage the culture and world around them.

We also have various activities throughout the year featuring fun, service, and fellowship. From conferences and camps to Six Flags and volleyball, we take advantage of any opportunity we have to minister to students.

We encourage families to join a Family Life Group so that parents and teens are studying the Bible together and experiencing life in the local church as a family. Additionally, please make note of church-wide activities and service opportunities for families to get together.

For additional information, please view the upcoming eventsContact Us, see the Sunday announcements, or stop by the youth tent on Sunday mornings. You can also speak with Derek Bustos or Erick Cardenas.