Sunday Service - April 5, 2020


Hello everybody! This material has been provided to help you and your family worship today. Feel free to leave a comment at the end for anyone else who will be viewing the page (your email will not be displayed).


  1. All church services and events have been cancelled through the month of April. We will let you know if this policy gets extended.

  2. The church office is not receving visitors at this time, but someone will be available to answer phone calls and receive mail on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

  3. If you are interested in being part of a ministry that reaches out to seniors in our church who don't normally have access to the internet and our resources, please speak with Julie Horn or call the church office.

  4. If you're interested in being part of a ministry that takes grocery packets to needy seniors in our community, please speak with Rochelle Zieman or call the church office.

  5. Pastor Alex Mata will be hosting an Easter Fellowship and Prayer event via Zoom on Sunday, April 12. More information will be emailed out to our members.

  6. After Easter, Pastor Luis will be hosting a live, weekly, group Bible study via Zoom. Look for more information in an email.

  7. Beginning today, we will be teaching through the book of First Peter. To help your personal or family worship, download our First Peter study guide HERE (PDF). This study guide will take you through the book in 13 weeks, though our preaching series will be moving at a slower pace. If you would like a physical copy of the booklet, contact the church office.

 Worship Song


The sermon below contains captions that may be turned on by accessing the video settings.

To download the First Peter Study Guide CLICK HERE.


Reflecting on who I am in Christ reminds me of what I once was. I would’ve never sought Christ on my own, I was called. I would’ve never seen my sinfulness, I was foreknown. I
would be living for the things of this world, this is not my home. I look forward to more of 1 Peter in the upcoming weeks. May we always consider Jesus and His work on the cross and rising for us.
Pastor and Elders,
Thank you all for your faithfulness to God.
Creating this way of communication and a way to keep hearing our Sunday Sermons feeds my spirit,
It’s wonderful what you all have done.
Pastor Luis, the sermon gave me what I already know but needed to hear, my home is Jesus!
Again thank you and thank you Jesus!
Thank You Pastor! Great reminder we are aliens and our lives here on earth are temporal! We are not at home! Lord Bless you your family and the church! ❤️
I thank God for my church family. It was a good reminder how this world is not my home therefore I can walk in joy as we travel to our real home. Thank you for the message pastor Luis Jr.

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